Shekhar Kumar is a futurist, keynote speaker, investor, author, and publisher of “The Business Scan” which is among the world’s top futuristic business opportunity & investment news magazine that has an excellent track record of promoting Daedalus Mark 1 (world’s fastest flying jet suit), PAL-V (world’s best flying car), StadiaPitch (world’s 1st automated pitch change over the system for the stadium) & many more top-class innovative products that deserve only the best media spotlight to be among the best in the world.
He has over 15 years of expertise in innovation advisory helping companies to use the next big idea, innovative products & latest inventions to enter new consumer markets worldwide. 
Some of the past clients include ATMC, Convergys, Ma Foi Management Consultants, HTMT Global Solution, PNB, and many others across the globe.