General Questions about the Covidnomics project

An anonymous team of experts from different parts of the world (with experience in multinational projects in Asia, Europe and America) have come together to create an editorial project that combines knowledge, experience and vision to face the new post-covid reality in each of the industries and economic sectors.

There is no country, government or political orientation behind the project.

This anonymous committee have selected multidisciplinary profiles with high added value in each geographical and economic area, so that they can contribute their vision in a book, one of the largest free and collaborative publishing projects in recent years.

The income from the sales will have the following transparent distribution: 20% for design, marketing and sales commissioning, 20% for translation, editing and editorial coordination, 20% as a donation for WHO projects and 40% for the authors and collaborators of the book (amount that may be donated to the non-profit entity that each collaborator decides or transferred as revenue). 

There are several ways to participate:

1. Buy the book. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to finance the book. You can make your purchase to support the campaign as a backer.

2. Sponsor the project. There are several types of sponsors, each with a different level of visibility and return.

All crowdfunding campaigns have to set minimum milestones. A minimum initial target of 30,000 USD has been set based on the minimum feasible project. This amount is divided into the following sections:
1. Marketing. Web design and development, dissemination and press campaigns. Commissioning for sales. Purchase of advertising space: 6,000 USD
2. Editing, layout, translation and proofreading. 6,000 USD
3. Donation to projects of the World Health Organization.  6,000 USD.
4. Revenue for collaborating writers. 12,000 USD.

You can do it through the contact form that you can find on the web. In few days you will receive an answer. 

Feel free to coordinate a press interview or get more information.

Currently it is possible to pay through Paypal (which allows payment through a paypal balance or by credit card, regardless of having an account on this platform) and we are working on adding more payment platforms, such as Stripe.

The funds reached up to that amount will be used proportionally to carry out the project, in the percentage marked above. If minimum amounts are not reached to carry out the project in its entirety, the project will be modified proportionally, with the aim of completing it in the best and most reasonable way possible.

The book will be released (according to deadlines and programming), on September, 2020.

The book will be initially translated into three languages (English, Chinese and Spanish), and will be published simultaneously in more than 30 countries on the same date thanks to self-publication and collaboration with various publishers.

Covidnomics is not a store and we do not issue refunds. When you back this project, you’re supporting an innovative and disruptive project and agreeing to go along for the ride. 

All the money received goes directly to the project and distributed to finance each part as explained above. If you are still interested in having your payment refunded, you should send a message explaining the circumstances and reasons for the requested refund. The Covidnomics committee will study each case and respond to each situation individually.

Any Question?

If you have any questions or queries, please write us a message.

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