Yann-Maël Larhers Ph.D is a lawyer, founder of legalbrainavocats.fr and okaydoc.fr, and Winner of the French Research Talents Prize. In 2019, he entered the LinkedIn ranking of influencers where he actively shares his vision of the society and links with the environment, digital technology, citizenship and law.

His Linkedin bio says:

“As a lawyer I am convinced that web practices, IT tools and legal rules can serve an accepted and effective modernization of the company, in organizations I promote forms of work that capitalize on these three essential dimensions. In a complex and profoundly changing world, it is essential to decompartmentalize subjects and reconcile short and long term vision.

It is with this approach that I co-founded my law firm, Legal Brain Avocats, and a consulting firm, Okay Doc, to promote the expertise of researchers in companies and understand all dimensions of innovation.

Winner of the Research Talents Prize awarded by RUE 89 and FABERNOVEL, I completed my thesis in 2017 entitled ” Digital work practice and labour law” at the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas, and I now intervene to promote adoption of new working methods and facilitate the organization of the digital society.

My experiences and my training allow me to have a broad understanding of digital, legal, communication and work developments.”