Our lives have changed dramatically over the past few months. None of us saw it coming…And a lot of us are holding onto the belief that soon, everything will return to normal.

But unfortunately, the consequences of this crisis will most likely continue for a long time.

People have lost money.

Industries have been decimated.

And new industries have been flourishing due to unexpected demand.

The technology sector in particular has seen very sudden profit spikes.

As people are staying at home, they’re using new devices and programs to communicate with each other…

  • Teleconferencing provider Zoom gained 318% in just over a week in the middle of this crisis…
  • Indoor cycle and fitness software producer Peloton, which had been struggling before this crisis, gained 32% in less than a week…
  • Work messaging app Slack has gained 33% in less than a week after it’s been lagging behind in performance for a year…

Even in this crisis, people are making profit, money and improve their business.

The Post-COVID revolution is already underway, it’s accelerating a lot faster than anyone could have expected.

You can decide to sit on the sidelines and simply observe what’s happening.

Or you can decide to build new strategies to take new opportunities right now.

The choice is yours.

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