Federico Winer will write the Technology chapter

Federico Winer is a Senior Digital Leader and a Public Speaker, with a deep understanding of how humanities and technologies coexist.

He has been working within the media, sports and entertainment sectors since the start of his career, being a highly sought industry influencer and passionate evangelist in these fields.

He’s also a dedicated visiting lecturer and speaker at several leading international educational institutions such as the Institute for Sports Business at Loughborough University in London.

Works in SAP as Business Development, Retail and Consumer Industries and Head of Entertainment Industries – EMEA.


Suzanne Lucas will contribute about HR

Suzanne Lucas spent ten years on corporate Human Resources where she hired, fired, managed the numbers, and double-checked with the lawyers. In 2009 she left the corporate world to focus on helping HR everywhere be the best it can possibly be.   

Suzanne writes about HR, business, how to understand the latest HR laws and court cases, and how to manage your boss. You can find her writing at Inc.com, CBS Market Watch, The New York Times, and many other publications. You can find her archives at Evil HR Lady

Many organizations such as Engagedly, Rise Global, and Digital HR Tech recognize Suzanne as a top HR influencer. Her TEDx Talk, Forget Talent and Get to Work, has changed how people view the relationship between talent and success. As an avid supporter of DisruptHR, her talks are consistently in the top seen talks every week

She loves to speak and train HR people all over Europe, bringing good HR to as many companies and cultures as possible. 

Suzanne has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Creative Writing from Brigham Young University and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from SUNY Stony Brook. She credits this education for teaching her logical thinking, the ability to understand government-speak, and how to write quickly and clearly.

She believes that humor is a critical part of any life and makes everything easier to understand. She’s currently living the ex-pat life in Basel, Switzerland. Regardless of her location, she focuses on US HR with a bit of global impact. Good principles, however, are universal–even if they need to be tweaked for cultural differences.

Juan Merodio will contribute to the Marketing chapter

Juan Merodio is one of the leading experts in Spain, Latin America and Canada in Digital Marketing, Management, Digital Transformation and creator of the successful 10 Business Factors method (with which he helps the digital transformation of Business).

He has been chosen this year 2019, one of the Best Influencers by Forbes magazine and is one of the 20 influencers on Linkedin.

He is a regular speaker at internationally renowned conferences, a professor at the best business schools and universities and a mentor in entrepreneurial programs such as StartupsMansion in New York or 10 Entrepreneurs in Miami and San Francisco. He also teaches in important companies such as the Bassat Ogilvy Group, IBM, Microsoft, GRAY, BBVA or GSK among others. He has trained with professionals from Silicon Valley such as Matt Belitsky, Tony Pham or Dan McGaw and has studied “Disruptive Strategy” at Harvard Business School.

He is also a digital advisor to political candidates and governments, public figures, as well as a digital marketing consultant for companies in Spain, LATAM, the USA and Canada, among which the Spanish Soccer Team, the Red Cross, Turnstyle and Pfizer.

Tireless self-taught, he has a Master in Business Management and Marketing from IDE-CESEM, and is a born entrepreneur. He founded the “Grupo Ellas” in 2004, a company focused on creating websites dedicated to women in different areas (tourism, cars, training, news, beauty and fashion or employment), founding partner of “Marketing Surfers”, Digital Marketing agency; Marketing Partner-Director of “invest me”, social network of entrepreneurs and “Emprende Finance”, the network for entrepreneurs get financing and partners.

Co-founder of Engage Worldwide, an international project focused on Latin America, based on the creation of an agency digital business transformation (with offices in Miami, Bogotá and Toronto) with which it helps both companies and professionals to adapt to the new economy, as well as a founding partner of companies in the real estate sector such as Uxban or HouSale, among others.

For this professional career on the Internet, he has received several awards, among which are “Best Idea of ​​the Year 2006” from Actualidad Económica, “Young Social Entrepreneurs” from the European University of Madrid and “Social Media 2013” from the Onda Cero radio station to the greatest influencer of our country.

Furthermore, Juan Merodio has another great passion: writing. He has already published eleven books on Marketing, Digital Transformation and Social Networks for both companies and the general public.

Juan Carlos Alcaide will write about Silver Economy

Juan Carlos Alcaide is a sociologist and a business consultant for more than 25 years. He has collaborated in more than 120 consulting and training projects.

He is an expert in Silver Economy and, specifically, telecare and technology applied to the elderly customer experience, having collaborated in various senior marketing projects since 2000. In addition, he is the author of the book ‘Silver Economy. Over 65: the new target ’(LID Editorial).

Marketing and Customer Experience Expert, he is the author of more than ten books.

Professor of ESIC, IE and other business schools. Thinking Heads speaker, among the Top 100 speakers in Spain.

He is currently director of MdS, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence and big data applied to Marketing.

Miguel Ledhesma will contribute the press chapter

Miguel Ledhesma is an Argentine journalist. He has a Master’s Degree in Education, a Degree in Journalism, a Tourism Professional and a university Teacher.

He is secretary general and founder of the World Organization for Tourism Journalism. He has participated as a lecturer in tourism journalism on more than 50 occasions and has had the opportunity to live in countries such as Mexico and Venezuela.

He has been recognized as a forerunner of tourism journalism.

We are proud to announce Miguel Ledhesma will contribute the press and journalism chapter in Covidnomics, the Book.

Enrique Dans will contribute to the chapter “Education” for Covidnomics, the Book

Enrique Dans is Professor of Innovation at IE Business School in Madrid (Spain), and Senior Advisor for Innovation and Digital Transformation at IE University.

He received his Ph.D. from the Anderson School at UCLA, an MBA from Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain), a B.Sc. from Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, and conducted postdoctoral studies at Harvard Business School.

His research interests are related to the impact of disruptive technologies at three levels of analysis: individuals, organizations, and the society as a whole. Professor Dans has been teaching and consulting in the technology field since 1990, is a frequent contributor and columnist in business and economic newspapers and magazines such as Forbes, participates in several technology startups and writes on a daily basis since 2003 in his page, enriquedans.com, one of the most popular technology blogs in Spanish.

We are proud to announce that Enrique Dans will contribute to the Education chapter in Covidnomics, The Book.

Marion Joppe, new confirmed contributor of Covidnomics, The Book

Marion Joppe is a Professor at the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, University of Guelph, Canada.

She is also President of Tourism Environment. Received her doctorate in Law and Economics of Tourism from the Université de Droit, d’Economie et des Sciences d’Aix-Marseille III (France), where her research focused on government intervention in tourism, and the approaches taken by different political systems and countries. She specializes in destination policy, planning, development, and marketing, and teaches responsible tourism on three continents.

Prior to joining academia, she gained broad tourism industry experience in both the public and private sectors, holding senior positions in tourism with the Ontario Provincial Government, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, financial institutions and tour operators. 

Throughout, she has engaged with the tourism industry by leading diverse organizations such as Heritage Toronto, the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation, the Tourism, Recreation and Economic Opportunities Workgroup of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, the Tourism Committee of the Toronto Board of Trade, Destination Ontario’s Metrics Committee, and both the Canadian Chapter and the International boards of the Travel and Tourism Research Association.

Marion has also been a member local, provincial and federal task groups, committees, and boards, ranging from the Green Tourism Association to the Tourism Industry of Canada working on a national responsible tourism approach, and Destination Canada, where she helped create the concept of Signature Experiences.

We are proud to have Marion Joppe among the list of contributing writers. She will develop her vision under the Tourism chapter. Thanks to her experience and background, she will contribute a quality vision to the Covidnomics book.

The Post-COVID Economy

Our lives have changed dramatically over the past few months. None of us saw it coming…And a lot of us are holding onto the belief that soon, everything will return to normal.

But unfortunately, the consequences of this crisis will most likely continue for a long time.

People have lost money.

Industries have been decimated.

And new industries have been flourishing due to unexpected demand.

The technology sector in particular has seen very sudden profit spikes.

As people are staying at home, they’re using new devices and programs to communicate with each other…

  • Teleconferencing provider Zoom gained 318% in just over a week in the middle of this crisis…
  • Indoor cycle and fitness software producer Peloton, which had been struggling before this crisis, gained 32% in less than a week…
  • Work messaging app Slack has gained 33% in less than a week after it’s been lagging behind in performance for a year…

Even in this crisis, people are making profit, money and improve their business.

The Post-COVID revolution is already underway, it’s accelerating a lot faster than anyone could have expected.

You can decide to sit on the sidelines and simply observe what’s happening.

Or you can decide to build new strategies to take new opportunities right now.

The choice is yours.

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Welcome to the New Normal

We are living historical moments. In just a few short months, the world has changed.

For months, several collaborators from different countries with a multidisciplinary background have been coordinating, writing and editing a book that analyzes the impact of COVID-19 on the world economy seen from each of the sectors and geographical areas. More than 50 world leaders and experts from each area contribute with their point of view.

The book will show how the world, the economy and each economic sector will be in the new post-virus era. The book will be released (according to deadlines and programming), on September 1st 2020, initially translated into three languages (English, Chinese and Spanish), and will be published simultaneously in more than 30 countries on the same date thanks to self-publication and collaboration with various publishers.


The income from the sales will have the following transparent distribution: 20% for design, marketing and sales commissioning, 20% for translation, editing and editorial coordination, 20% as a donation for WHO projects and 40% for the authors and collaborators of the book (amount that may be donated to the non-profit entity that each collaborator decides or transferred as revenue). It will be one of the largest international initiatives and editorial collaborations in recent years. Do you want to be part of it?

We are waiting for the final confirmation of experts from more than 20 countries and nationalities. Among them, although we do not have all the confirmed list, we can tell you the following:

– Director Managers of Consultants such as Deloitte, EY, Nielsen, …
– Professors from Universities such as MIT, Beijing University, Harvard, Taiwan Normal University, Bristol, Imperial College of London, …
– Director Managers of companies such as Amazon, Tik Tok, Walmart, TESCO, Destinia, Trip, Zoom, Carrefour, Alibaba, Uber, Marriot, Paypal, Baidu, Apple, Google, Facebook, …
– Spokespersons for entities such as World Economic Forum, UNESCO, UN, WHO, OMT, …
– Journalists from Reuters, EFE, Europa Press, …
– International speakers and authors

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